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How to thrive in leading remote teams & meetings

Have you felt frustrated leading people you can't see face to face? Have you struggled with feeling ineffective or unsure?

This 45 minute workshop will put simple tools in your hands you can immediately use to be a more effective and confident remote leader.

You'll receive a PDF with key themes plus a digital Image Deck - a tool to create better dialogue - and you'll learn how to use it as part of the workshop.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • How to to organize any content or meeting objective to make it more relevant and succinct

  • Typical mistakes leaders make during remote meetings and how to avoid them (hint: it's mostly about mindset, not about technology);
  • One clear framework called Assessment - Challenge - Support - Relationship (ACS-R) that allows you to track your effectiveness over time
  • Specific tips and a real-time example of how to encourage more meaningful dialogue;
  • Why reflection matters and how to make space for it---and more.

During this workshop I realized I didn't know how to end a meeting well. I immediately walked away and applied what you talked about with 'landing the plane.' Thank you!”

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